Fragrance Industry

By combining a substantial number of data points, the distillery’s machine learning AI was able to generate more than 70 million recipes

Machine learning based AI software for Product Composition can be generalized to other kinds of applications like designing flavors, lubricants or construction materials

Use Cases

Widely used by industries

Your AI business solution
  • Estimate future revenue by sales forecasting using Time Series Prediction

  • Raw material consumption prediction to ensure the production amount of materials

  • Customers buying pattern prediction to ensure proper marketing cycle
Your AI business solution
  • Video analytics for number plate detection to get the data in real time

  • Predictive maintenance using sensors for maintaining smooth operation

  • Video analytics for defect detection to ensure the quality of the product
Your AI business solution
  • Analyse feedback and reviews for sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing

  • Customer Behavior analysis and tracking of buying patterns

  • Insights from customers feedback to get their personal view about product


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