Intelligent Document Processing

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Business Impact

Significant reduction in time for processing the documents & upto 50% cost saving.

Customer Facts

Location: India

Industry: Finance

Daten wissen case study image

Problem Statement

Problems we Acquired

The sales team was manually scanning & proofreading the documents for approval of the loan. It was a very time-consuming process with high chances of human error.


Obstacles we faced

  • Bad scan quality and stamp on the document
  • Low resolution images and faded old documents was an issue
  • Handwritten data and regional language made it difficult for processing


Tech stack we used

Technology use


Technology use


Technology use


Technology use



How we made end solution

  • Collection of all the scanned documents for model training
  • Extraction of information using the OCR solution
  • The extracted information was processed in NLP model which understands and categorizes the data
  • The processed data was displayed on the integrated dashboard and updated in the system


Outcome we get

  • The time for processing the documents was reduced significantly and the client was able to save upto 50% of the required cost.