Vehicle Tracking

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Business Impact

Substantial decrease in labor costs and overspeeding accidents on-premises.

Customer Facts

Location: India

Industry: Chemical

Daten wissen case study image

Problem Statement

Problems we Acquired

The team faced problems in maintaining the record of vehicles and was unsure if all protocols were followed on the premise


Obstacles we faced

  • The non uniformity of number plate in terms of size, design and condition
  • Dirty number plates were a challenge


Tech stack we used

Technology use


Technology use


Technology use


Technology use



How we made end solution

  • Number plates of the incoming vehicles are captured by CCTV cameras OCR is used extract information
  • All the information i.e. time, date, number plate, & image of vehicle is displayed on the dashboard
  • Vehicle speed can also be detected by just using cameras and a real time alert will be sent to the authorities if any vehicle is found over speeding


Outcome we get

  • No. of over speeding accidents reduced and labour cost was saved with automated number plate detection.