How to improve Warehouse Security?

Daten & Wissen / June 23, 2022

In supply chain management, the warehouse plays a very important role and is responsible for the growth of any business. From historical “godowns” to modern technology-driven infrastructure, Indian warehouses have come a long way in pace with the industry's evolution. 

However, safety and security compliance is more important today than any day in the past. It's critical to see the security of the warehouse both externally and internally. Modern upgradation in technology like Intrusion Alarms, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Perimeter Security Systems can help in ensuring the safety of our premises to a great extent.

External security measures are taken to keep intruders away by many organizations to safeguard resources. Internal security measures often secure the warehouse from the employees who steal products from the warehouse.

How is video analytics used for the safety of warehouses?

Video analytics is used for surveillance and is continuously analyzed in real-time to alert users to things that need attention. This helps organizations make full use of video data and adds an additional layer of protection by providing potential security risks before or as they occur.

Video Analytics use cases in Warehouse Security

Motion Detection

Smart security cameras can easily detect if someone is on your premises after designated hours or in restricted zones.  It can identify faces and other sources of motion and give real-time updates. It can also detect and give the spot update when someone tries to enter the confidential area of the premises.

It’s the best solution for after-hours security when manual surveillance proves to be deficient because of dim light or some other physical limitations. It can also help in tracking the movement of such a physical workforce.

Crowd Management

It is essential to have real-time notifications when the number of people in a specific place reaches its limit. The crowd counting solution provides details on how many people entered a particular place and also provides spot notification in case of overcrowding. Many a time it is essentially important to monitor the number of people moving from one part of the warehouse to another. Line detection is making the process easier by intelligently counting the number of people.

Entry and Exit management

Smart Cameras can perform licence plate recognition analytics (ANPR) that assists in entry and exit management by analysing incoming and outgoing vehicles. By doing so, manufacturing facilities and warehouses can utilise analytical insights for access control and increase security by ensuring only authorised vehicles enter the premises.

Ensuring the safety of the warehouse staff

Keeping everyone at the workplace safe is a high-priority issue. It is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of our human assets, as many accidents are caused due to the recklessness of humans or workers not complying with safety regulations. A camera backed with solutions like PPE kit detection can monitor whether the employees are wearing safety kits. In case of discrepancy, notification is sent to the concerned authority instantly. It prevents many hazardous accidents from happening.

Product counting and maintaining the condition of products

Smart surveillance cameras can help in maintaining the condition of packaging in the entire supply chain. It can help by providing automated detection of damaged boxes during the process of unloading and shifting, hence solving one of the major issues in logistics.

It can also prevent theft done by the internal departments. Internal theft could be a viable source of inventory shortage for any business. Smart cameras backed with the power of AI can automatically count the number of boxes unloaded and thus reduces the chance of the wrong count due to human error hence reducing the chance of inventory leakage and shrinkage.

Alert an emergency exit

Retail video analytics can also alert an emergency exit in a case where the passage has been blocked by a pallet of boxes or by any other object. It uses an idle object rule, the IP camera having the power of analytics can provide an alert when the object remains in the way for longer than a predefined amount of time.

Spillage detection

Any spillage of chemicals or fluids may result in accidents, which may hamper the occupants’ safety, and may also lead to hefty lawsuits at times. The video analytics algorithm can detect such scenarios and prevent such losses from happening. It also helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the store and warehouse.

Streamline inventory management by using drones

Drones can be used for capturing data by quickly & efficiently scanning barcodes automatically. When goods and boxes of different types and sizes have to be allocated using a maximum efficiency of space, smart cameras can help in identifying incoming and outgoing items in real-time, according to size and format – It makes the work of sorting very easy. Computer Vision technology could vastly improve and upscale the optimization of storage in warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

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Let’s Wrap it Up

There are ultra-modern video analytics attributes that come with video surveillance today to ensure unblemished security when it comes to securing large warehouses from theft and loss, especially where physical surveillance proves to be highly inadequate.

We at Daten & Wissen specialize in providing all such solutions after accurately testing their efficiency. We constantly work on providing a safer and more secure environment for our customers. We have a team of dedicated experts who constantly work in giving the best outcome.


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