Video Analytics in Manufacturing Industry

Gautam Maurya / Sept. 6, 2021

The high demand has called for a heavy increase in production, which in turn calls for brand new requirements, challenges, and security and safety concerns. Now the installed CCTV cameras serve to remotely monitor and track the happenings. However, there is a need to automate the alerts should there be any aberration, so that anything beyond normal and acceptable can be identified in the nick of time, thereby eliminating the need for the concerned person or admin to constantly watch the video footage in real-time. Here is where our Video Analytics solutions in the Manufacturing Industry come into play. 

The manufacturing industry could require quite a few Video Analytics Use Cases, which will serve to ease the processes of this fast-paced, high-demand industry. High turnover rates mean more production, more raw materials, more logistics, and larger inventories. Due to this, video analytics applications have kept increasing too, to have a safer and more productive manufacturing unit, and provide assistance and support to warehouses. 

Use Cases of Video Analytics in Manufacturing


Safety measure detection: Worker safety is a major concern in every manufacturing plant. Hazardous gases, damaged safety kits, electric damage, and perilous actions are some of the things that need to be monitored and kept under control.

Companies need to ensure that their employees are safe, and for this, automatic alerts can be sent to prevent mishaps.

Video analytics could involve Skull cap detection, PPE kit detection, face mask detection. Even equipment can be monitored and alerts can be sent instantly should there be any aberration.

 Unauthorized access management: Video analytics and face recognition will allow only authorized personnel to enter into the restricted premise. This will prevent theft in factories, and any deceitful activities that could take place, as instant alarms can be raised if such practices are identified.

It will only allow the necessary workers to enter their specific rooms, and only allow entry in the given time as alerts can be sent for beyond timeframe ingress

AI for quality assurance: damage to equipment, conveyor belt monitoring, level detection of molten metal, detection of spillages, detection of jamming, material quality monitoring, temperature checks, measurement, and color recognition are some of the factors that can trigger an alarm. 

Logistics management: This could involve vehicle number plate recognition, type recognition, in-out time, or counting the number of boxes during loading/offloading.

Video analytics can also assist commercial drivers and alert them about lanes, the road ahead, or other vehicles at the plant.

Lights-out Manufacturing: The process of manufacturing without the need for physical, on-premise laborers, and therefore, without the need for lights is called Lights-out manufacturing, also known as Dark manufacturing. This can facilitate 24/7 manufacturing.

The presence of humans would result in continuous monitoring and therefore, no wastage, but in lights-out manufacturing, due to the lack of human attention, equipment breakdown or malfunction could be very costly. One video analytics application could be the detection of these malfunctions, even in dark conditions, and either send alerts or automatically switch off the equipment when the error is detected.

Benefits of Video Analytics in Manufacturing

Video analytics has become the need of the hour in the manufacturing industry. The rise of automation and technological advancements has made companies more creative, looking for new ways to make their processes more intelligent and efficient.


Be it monitoring of people, products, or machinery, AI can do it all; right from face recognition for attendance to noting the on/off time of the machine, to measuring dimensions of raw materials to the counting of products, video analytics is here to stay. Video analytics can make surveillance and monitor smarter and more accurate.

We are here to bring digital transformation into your manufacturing plant and leverage AI into your processes with our Video analytics solutions, one step at a time, as before long, all manufacturing companies will begin to integrate AI into their CCTV cameras or drones.