Product Counting

Oil & Energy
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Business Impact

Reduction in Manual counting errors & Inventory Management

Customer Facts

Location: India

Industry: Oil & Energy

Daten wissen case study image

Problem Statement

Problems we Acquired

The logistics team was facing issues in getting complete visibility of the inventory, products inflow and outflow.


Obstacles we faced

  • Additional cameras had to be installed at the bay to track the activities
  • Unstructured Placement of the products in the palette
  • Identifying the different categories of products


Tech stack we used

Technology use


Technology use


Technology use


Technology use



How we made end solution

  • Category-wise labelling of the products
  • Collection of data with correct and incorrect way of products loadingto get all edge cases
  • Designing the model for real-time product counting and category-wise distinction
  • Creation and connection of dashboard with ERP invoicing module to give updates of categories of product loaded / unloaded


Outcome we get

  • Increase in Productivity & Efficiency