Safety Measures Detection

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Business Impact

Monitoring of workers and minimise compliance violation.

Customer Facts

Location: India

Industry: Chemicals

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Problem Statement

Problems we Acquired

The safety and operations team was having issues with safety compliances which led to health and safety risks.


Obstacles we faced

  • Installation of additional cameras were required to cover the whole plant view.
  • Different sets of kits posed a challenge for training the module.


Tech stack we used

Technology use


Technology use


Technology use


Technology use

AWS S3 bucket


How we made end solution

  • The system uses an existing IP camera to get the live video feed.
  • The algorithm checks if any of the safety equipment is missing.
  • Email alerts generated and forwarded to concerned individuals to warn about compliance violations.
  • Dashboard shows real time feed and alerts for report keeping purposes.


Outcome we get

  • 37% Decline in Critical Accidents