Security Guard Tracking

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Business Impact

The drastic decline in the adherence issues of the security team.

Customer Facts

Location: India

Industry: Manufacturing

Daten wissen case study image

Problem Statement

Problems we Acquired

The security team in the facility was often being less responsive. Sometimes incidents occurred near the facility which could’ve been avoided if the security team would be more alert.


Obstacles we faced

  • A prominent issue was Viewpoint variation as it was difficult for the system to analyse the scenario from certain angles and viewpoints.
  • The lighting conditions at the entrance posed as a challenge.


Tech stack we used

Technology use


Technology use


Technology use


Technology use



How we made end solution

  • The video camera provides live video feed to the the DL system that analyses and classifies the security personnel actions into different types of actions.
  • If their actions is found to be suspicious then alert is send to the concerned authorities
  • Dashboard shows real time analysis and records the incident and saves it for future reference


Outcome we get

  • Improved in overall productivity & efficiency which led to prevention of prohibited activities.