AI in Transforming Healthcare Industry

Daten & Wissen / Oct. 1, 2021

As the world is fighting the pandemic situation now it is most important to integrate AI technology in the healthcare industry, AI has the capability to simplify the most complex tasks of doctors and to rescue patients from the most dangerous diseases.

By the way, Artificial Intelligence is being used in many industries but the healthcare industry needs more use of it as people’s lives are connected with the healthcare industry.

There are so many hitches like treating cancer, maintaining the patient’s data, creating the most prices pathology images, risk predictor, monitoring health through wearables, automation, etc. which need to be solved using AI for making all processes easy and fast with great accuracy.

What is Artificial Intelligence? How it is Transforming Healthcare Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that are capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as object recognition, solving complex problems, decision making, and so on.

AI makes our lives easier by performing high-level computations to solve the most complex problems and creates impact full changes.

AI is estimated to contribute over $15 trillion to the world economy by the year 2030 and the greatest impact of AI will be in the healthcare industry.

Do you know why AI is so impactful in the field of healthcare, there are two main reasons the first reason is the high availability of medical data as machine learning requires tons of data to learn.

The second reason is the development of the most advanced algorithms through which AI can solve the toughest problems in the field of healthcare.

Let’s see what are the most important use cases of AI in the healthcare industry and understand how AI can solve those hitches with great precision and accuracy.

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AI Use Cases in Healthcare Industry

There are endless opportunities to leverage AI technology to deploy more precise and impactful interventions exactly in patients’ life. Below we have listed the most important use cases of AI in the healthcare industry.

Integrating Intelligence in Medical Devices 

There are a vast amount of data that is being used to create intelligent medical devices. Medical device manufacturers are using AI technologies to innovate their products to better assist healthcare providers & improve patients care.

Medical devices like GymWatch & Apple Watch are great examples of how AI is saving lives by detecting severe health conditions. 

As in today’s life, people are not getting time for maintaining their health and that’s why these types of medical devices are essential for every individual for ensuring their health condition.

Patients Intake

Hospitals are facing huge issues related to patients intake during emergencies because, while registering the patients there requires handwritten paperwork and that takes a good amount of time and so the size of the queue gets increases.

Hospitals can use a chatbot-based personal assistant which can do all the patient intake processing with great accuracy and speed. Patients data is digitized using AI algorithms and AI can use these data to match the best fit doctor for the particular patients.

Drug Discovery

When the pandemic situation arises then it is most important to create new vaccines and drugs earlier but usually, this process is done manually hence it becomes time-consuming and expensive.

AI algorithms have the ability to recognize the lead compound and provide a quicker validation of the drug target and optimization of drug structure design.

While developing drugs requires a large amount of data to process as there are sheer numbers of possibilities of chemical combination. AI has the ability to process a huge amount of data for creating solutions faster and accurately.

Medical Imaging

AI technology is widely used in medical imaging for detecting various diseases. AI has the capability to recognize the smart pattern for a wider range of anomalies.

These types of medical tasks require a subject matters expert. Deep Learning is the suave form of AI and has the capability to create the solution for complex problems where human intelligence is needed.

By using AI technologies for medical imaging hospitals can create accurate results with great speed & cost-effective process.

As many healthcare organizations are already leveraging these technologies hence it is important to integrate these technologies in every healthcare organization.

Predicting Disease

AI has capabilities to predict future outcomes that’s why it can be used in preventing diseases before they can fully infect the body. Many healthcare organizations need these types of AI solutions which can affect human lives in a positive way.

Although manufacturing and automotive industries are leveraging the power of predictive AI for their business growth & sales forecasting. Healthcare industries have great opportunities to integrate these types of AI solutions.

Wearable medical devices such as the Apple Watch & Fitbit predict the diseases before they affect the body and prevent loss of health and money by alarming the future health situation.

Benefits of AI in Healthcare

The main aim of AI is to make systems and processes easy so human lives become comfortable. There are so many benefits of AI in the healthcare industry which we have listed below.

Cost reduction & Increment in Speed

From patient intake to diagnosis all healthcare processes are leveraging AI and due to this many operations have become so facile which leads to fast processing with less cost.

Improved Accessibility

Nowadays there are AI-based applications through which patients can get the list of best-fit doctors according to their needs and it leads to improving the accessibility of the healthcare system.

Efficient Assistance in Surgery

Due to advancements in robotics now it is possible to execute the tiniest types of surgeries using robots with greater accuracy.

Disease Detection

There are so many medical devices like Apple Watch & Get Active Slim which is being used in detecting the premedical condition of a particular person.

Enhanced Human Abilities

Nowadays exoskeleton robots are being used to support the patient while they are moving from one place to another. These types of AI technologies are enhancing human ability with substantial accuracy.

Let’s wrap it

Do we hope that after reading this article about how AI is transforming the healthcare industry? you would realize that it is important to share this valuable information with others as they may also need this.

If any healthcare organization wants to compete with competitors then it is necessary to integrate its healthcare systems with world-class AI solutions which may contribute to its overall growth.

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Q: What is the Future of AI in the Healthcare Industry?

Ans: The future of AI in the healthcare industry is going to be very demanding as healthcare industries are investing a huge amount of money in AI.

Q: Benefits of AI in Healthcare?

Ans: Below we have listed the major benefits of AI in healthcare :

Q: Which is the best application of AI in the healthcare sector?

Ans: AI is used extensively in the healthcare industry, below you can see the application of AI in the healthcare industry.

Q: What are the challenges of AI in healthcare?

Ans: There are various challenges faced by the healthcare industry, a few of them are listed below.




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