Avoid these 9+ things to prevent Industrial accidents

Daten & Wissen / Nov. 17, 2022

An industrial accident always has a long-lasting effect on the affected worker and the employer. The worker is physically affected and has to go through extensive therapy, while the business owner is financially affected.

There is an old proverb "Prevention is better than cure".

What could be the most effective way to stop these incidents from ever occurring? What steps can your company take to reduce or mitigate industrial risks?

According to the National Safety Council, 104,000,000 production days were lost in 2017 as a result of work-related accidents. Work-related accidents hurt individuals physically and psychologically, and cost businesses a lot of money.

Newer technologies such as Employee management software, Video Analytics, and applications made with the latest tech of Artificial Intelligence can effectively prevent workplace accidents. Other than that, below mentioned are some of the suggestions that will assist in keeping your business secure, effective, and functional.

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1. Unclear safety guidelines

Clear communication is the first step in accident and incident prevention. Ensure that employees are adequately informed about dangers and safety precautions. Hold regular team meetings and speak in plain, uncomplicated terms. Discuss the most recent safety issues during these discussions.

2. Undefined paths and roads

A routing plan is crucial in large industrial buildings and warehouses to prevent mishaps and disasters. While marking walkways and roads, do consider the following factors:

3. Not specifying the staffing availability

In addition to being essential for preventing accidents and incidents, knowing when employees with relevant skills and certifications are accessible also helps you respond appropriately in the unfortunate event that they do happen.

There are a plethora of techniques and systems that may be used to detect the presence of first responders or emergency response officers (EROs) on commercial property. Solutions based on AI lets users adjust their availability while on location, keeping the current system data.

4. Transform data into knowledge and knowledge into insight

To prevent accidents and incidents, it is essential to have data, information, and insight. It can be helpful to identify potential risks and hazards before something goes wrong by thoroughly evaluating a company's working conditions, methods, and operational procedures.

Solutions like PPE Detection, Vehicle Tracking, Security Guard Tracking, Intelligent Document Processing, and many more developed under AI will utilize your data and turn it into smart insights. Fully-qualified production lines are designed by advanced machine learning algorithms to ensure the smooth functioning of all the processes.

5. Choosing a team without field expertise

Accidents are inevitable! especially when performing specialized jobs that require sensitive procedures. Putting together a team based on talent and qualifications is a much better step than being leveraged on intuition.

6. Non-regulated certification records

It's a common practice to maintain complex spreadsheets to track staff members’ progress and certifications. Managing such complex records for every employee can become cumbersome at times and sometimes expired certificates are neglected by employers.

With the aid of Intelligent Document Processing, all the official documents and certificates are kept in a well-versed categorized manner. They can be accessed anytime and shared effectively with all the employees with just one click. What’s more, it can read handwritten texts and even convert local dialects into English to give powerful insights.

7. Not providing the right safety gear

To prevent accidents and mishaps, personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial. This includes earplugs, safety clothes, helmets, jackets, shoes, and other overhead working equipment.

Always choose the best PPE for the task at hand, and set an example for others. Do not skimp on workplace safety. Set a strict set of rules for employees to follow and make sure that everyone abides by those rules. If any employee violates safety norms, then he/she needs to be penalized.

Our PPE Detection system uses already existing CCTV cameras to monitor the workplace for any safety violations. If it catches anyone disregarding the safety norms, a notification will be sent to the safety manager via smartphone or on the dashboard.

8. Dissociated training regime

Without the appropriate training, an individual may unintentionally endanger both himself and their coworkers.

Provide every new employee, regardless of experience level, with a rigorous training program to prevent workplace accidents. While it might take a little longer for them to begin producing work, you'll safeguard both your staff members and yourself from liability. Additionally, hold frequent retraining sessions to keep staff members informed about regulations and procedures.

9. Lack of routine inspections

It is impossible to avoid hazardous equipment when working in industries like building, shipping, manufacturing, and maintenance. Accidents at work, though, don't have to be an unavoidable aspect of the job.

Conduct routine checks of the tools, equipment, and machinery. Ensure the tools employees use for their jobs are secure and functional. Whether it’s a hammer or it may be a massive, shared machine. If something fails, fix it right away or replace it. A few pennies saved on a machine part could endanger an employee's health or cost your business millions of dollars in legal costs.

10. Not leveraging case management tools

Utilizing case management software, workplace accident prevention, and investigation can turn out to be quick and simple. You may maintain data and evidence right in the case file rather than needing to gather them from other parts of the business. You won't waste time on administrative tasks if you have the option to generate an instant report and submit it straight to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). To decrease workplace accidents, a case management tool can help you identify trends and high-risk locations.

Let’s Wrap it Up

At Daten & Wissen, we ensure that businesses (no matter large or small) get what they need and we care about your losses. We are a dedicated team of professionals providing only the right solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence. If you want to keep your workplace a safe and sound place, and want to avoid huge economic losses, loss of manpower, and worst of all “Lawsuits”... Then contact us today : D


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