Video Analytics for Smart Cities

Daten & Wissen / July 1, 2022

The government of India launched the smarter city mission in 2015. This smart city mission is an imaginative and new initiative by the Government of India to enhance economic growth and upgrade the quality of life of people by enabling local development and hitching up technology as a means to create smart outcomes for the citizens.

The expedition's primary objective can be achieved by applying up-to-date technologies. AI analytics for intelligent cities help government and other law enforcement authorities to properly utilize existing infrastructure and available resources and improve public safety and security.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides real-time surveillance and instant decision-making capabilities to Smart City applications. From Intelligent Parking, Advanced Traffic Management, and Cutting edge Crowd Management to a Safe and Clean City, AI video analytics have solutions for all.

Use of Video Analytics in achieving the Smart City Mission

Traffic and road safety

As our roads turn to be more crowded with increased traffic, the need of the hour is to get a smart infusion that can help us control and restrict security and traffic-related problems. Video analytics can provide real-time clear visualization of traffic violations. It is also helpful in analyzing traffic patterns and crowding trends.

With the use of Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), it's now easy to detect violators such as lane departures, over speeders & the one who jumps signals. Video analytics hence overcomes the limitations of Human-based Surveillance.

Re-route automobiles 

Traffic jams waste a lot of time and energy of the people on the roads. Traffic engineers with the help of video management software design better lanes and re-route motorists to faster and safer routes in real-time. With a huge amount of traffic data, concerned authorities can also discover inadequacies in streets and highways. They use this data to design well-organized traffic patterns and plan to expand high-traffic roads

Combatting crime

Video analysis technology permits the security squad to review incidents rapidly and efficiently in their immediate aftermath, to bring down the time to target the culprits and understand what occurred on the spot of the accident. Based on this insight, police and surveillance might be able to derive logic to make an effort to prevent future incidents. 

Managing traffic in public transport

Beyond triggering real-time alerts to acknowledge crowd accumulation, transit managers can visualize video data and take decisions based on trend analysis. Video intelligence technology can help transit managers to better understand traffic patterns and anticipate expected peaks and the time of hikes. This can aid in both configuring smarter alerting triggers and minimizing the instances of robbery and pick-pocketing.

Detecting Trespassing in Real-Time

Surveillance systems help identify particular problematic areas, allowing the police to patrol those locations more frequently. Video analytic software can assist management in understanding how a trespasser gained access to a confidential place. It can easily detect the face and take timely actions which reduces the chance of mishaps. 

Lighting challenges

IoT- and AI-enabled video analytics plays a crucial role in providing a more secure environment for residents of the smart city. Advanced, cameras can now deliver high-quality images in virtually all lighting conditions which reduces the chances of theft because of darkness or dim lighting. Advanced cameras have the ability to recognize faces even in the dark which further helps in catching criminals.

Crowd counting to enhance tourism

With the help of the crowd counting solution, it is possible to measure the attractiveness of the city facilities to tourists. It is now feasible to know the count of the number of tourists visiting a particular spot. It is also viable to gauge the popularity of recreation sites among city natives.

Assurance to societies and residential households

With the License Plate Recognition module, you can avert the entrance of unauthorized vehicles into the territory of a residential area. You can also organize an automatic opening of the rising arm barrier at the entrance or exit for a contactless and smooth drive-through process. 

Safety in transit

Smart cameras can detect abandoned objects in specified areas and alert the concerned authorities in real-time to reduce the probability of attacks and mitigate the risks to the life and health of inhabitants and tourists visiting the city.

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Let’s Wrap it Up

Video surveillance is a strong pillar of safe city initiatives. In particular, it is the combination of video surveillance (VS) as well as for analytics (AI) that make a safe city solution. Daten & Wissen is working hard in achieving the goal of smart cities. We provide customized domain-specific AI solutions that can serve to become a key component in most surveillance projects. We are always here to assist you. Do reach us.


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