Object Detection using AI - Use Cases & Applications

Daten & Wissen / Oct. 12, 2022

Object detection is basically a solution used in computer vision to locate and identify an object in a given image. The variety of objects can range from humans, vehicles, and even animals. Specific objects such as the brand of a packet of chips or materials used in buildings can also be detected and traced using an Object Detection solution.

How Does Object Detection Work?

The object Detection system uses advanced technology such as artificial intelligence to identify subjects in the provided image or video footage. It should have the ability to perform both object recognition and image classification inside the video. Machine learning and Deep Learning are the branches of AI that are leveraged to enable such detection.

Large amounts of data in the form of either image or video frames are fed into a training model to teach AI what the objects look like. As soon as the model learns the look and aesthetics of the object, it is then capable of understanding a new object by learning from the old object's appearance.

Object Detection solution follows three easy steps to perform the identification tasks:

Why is Object Detection used?

Object Detection is used in many areas to enhance efficiency and save costs and time. It gives machines the ability to identify objects in the live video feeds and achieve the desired results. Combined with the power of Computer Vision technology, tracking and counting can also be carried out for real-life applications.

Some of the objectives of Object detection include locating, tracking, counting objects, and detecting anomalies. Real-time events can be tracked by business owners or C-level executives by leveraging the power of Object detection.

Object Detection applications in Retail

Video Analytics

Video Analytics is a technology that combines Video Surveillance and Computer Vision and gives a whole new dimension to the domain of Safety & Security. Shopping malls, convenience stores, and restaurants can leverage object detection applications to detect people and items in their facilities. Video Analytics-based Object Detection helps businesses understand customer behavior and improve operational efficiency. It gives business owners access to real-time information that enables them to make improvements instantly to their ever-increasing business.

Object detection helps retailers smartly track products, analyzing how often customers stop at display boards, and what items are mostly sold to whom. Quick-service restaurants can also benefit from Video Analytics by monitoring the preparation of food and order-taking to ensure optimal service speed.

Contactless Checkout

Object Detection also helps in setting up a frictionless checkout system. Although, not just cameras but sensors need to be in action for this to take place. Shoppers can now simply gather the items they need and a virtual shopping cart is created immediately with the aid of AI. These items can be purchased cashless or even contactless by simply walking through the doorway. It is fully automated to provide a hassle-free experience to the customer. 

Inventory Management

Object Detection applications can be trained to identify objects in the inventory and instantly alerts the Inventory manager when the items are to be restocked. Computer Vision helps many businesses to manage their inventory in a better way, and to effectively stock the goods on shelves more accurately and neat manner. This technology can also be used to track trends and predict the demand for the next inventory batch.

Foot Traffic Analysis

Object detection can be used to track employee activity both inside and outside the store. It can be used to monitor and tally how many people are entering and exiting a store in a given time frame. Similarly, we can monitor the foot traffic of the people lurking outside the store to count the number of people walking by and stopping to look at window displays.

The data collected using the solution can be used to understand the peak shopping time of different types of customers and optimize things accordingly. Managers can track customer movement inside the store to determine the optimal flow of traffic. All this can help owners to plan for product placement and promotions, as well as redecorate the store.

Object Detection applications in Industries

PPE Detection

Industrial areas are prone to many unwanted accidents or events that could lead to loss of life or critical damage. Many EHS leaders are applying certain rules and regulations to maintain a safe environment for the workers. Newer technologies are emerging that can accelerate this process and that would be Computer Vision-based Object Detection. It is a perfect solution for tracking the use of PPE kits by Industrial workers.

These Object Detection applications are trained to detect hard hats, vests, goggles, and face masks throughout a facility to ensure employees’ safety. If the solution finds anyone violating safety compliances by not wearing the right gear, a notification is sent to the Safety Officer via Dashboard, Text, and even Email.

Product Assembly

Object detection can be used to ensure that the right components are used in assembly lines and correct processes are followed. It provides holistic quality assurance to industry leaders. Many automation systems are programmed to follow instructions but cannot perform tasks beyond that program. With computer vision, bots can now detect a wide range of objects and become adaptive to different environments.

Defect Detection

Precision and accuracy are two important factors for any manufactured products and goods. Object detection is used to identify machine parts and finished goods that are of low-quality standards. Constantly monitoring the workstations, production lines, and QC processes can also play an important factor in identifying damaged products before they are shipped out.

Object Detection applications in Smart Cities

Autonomous Driving

Computer vision plays a very vital role in the future of driverless cars. Object detection systems can be used for detecting things like road signs, traffic lights, people, other vehicles, and lane markers.

Traffic Monitoring

Object detection can be used to monitor traffic in smart cities. These systems provide real-time data to drivers and transport companies about current traffic levels, potential hazards, and accidents. Object detection monitors access points and identifies whether cars have the proper permits or checks the registered license plates.

Crowd Counting

Tracking the total number of visitors to events or public attractions can be useful for planning in terms of public safety. Transit systems apply object detection systems to identify the popularity of vehicles i.e. bus or subway stops and provide data on route and traffic. Similarly, public agencies can use Crowd Counting to limit the capacity of people in supervised zones.

Parking Management

Nowadays, Parking management systems are becoming smarter with the advancement of computer vision. Object detection software can be used to identify open parking spaces in city lots or parking garages. This information can be updated in real-time, alerting drivers of open spots with indicators or map alerts.

Let’s Wrap it Up

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