Advanced Traffic Control System using AI

Daten & Wissen / Sept. 27, 2022

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the world around us, and one of the most effective solutions it provides is smart city technology such as Parking management and Traffic control system. With the help of AI, one can accurately predict the flow of people, vehicles, and objects at different locations of interconnected transportation networks.

Advanced technology such as AI will help improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents by optimizing the flow of vehicles and citizens, as well as redirecting routes that are under construction. It can detect accidents or road brawls and inform law enforcement by sending real-time notifications. Moreover, ride-sharing services can leverage this smart technology to get better insights into passengers. In the article given below, let us understand how AI is revolutionizing the traffic control system.

How AI is used in Traffic Management systems?

Traffic Management systems were traditionally monitored and controlled manually by officers and government officials, but with the uprise of AI & Machine Learning, these systems are getting automated. AI is used to analyze real-time traffic data from various Cameras and IoT devices, which include vehicles such as cars, buses, and even trains. It identifies patterns in the given data and reduces safety risks, and recurring accidents, and controls traffic light systems.

Traffic light control system

Traffic lights were invented to ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid accidents, overcrowding, and other disruptions in public places. It is an important part of the traffic and transportation management system.

In the past, traffic control systems were overlooked by humans, and a timer system was invented to keep traffic running smoothly. However, in this era computers have advanced enough to overrun the traffic control system. Computer systems use binary operations and hence are more accurate and efficient than humans. It monitors the traffic and controls the timing of traffic lights on the transportation network.

Nowadays, AI is used by many nations to make traffic lights smarter and more efficient for safeguarding passengers and on-road drivers. It uses Computer Vision to detect the density of vehicles on road and passengers near the footpath and gives drivers indications based on the collected data.

Automatic distance recognition

Video Analytics technology is used to detect events and provide sophisticated alerts for any unwanted traffic-related incidents. This technology makes use of CCTV cameras and AI to understand the monitoring zone and to prevent accidents between two incoming vehicles by estimating the distance between them.

Some cameras are devices with Lasers and Radars for fetching accurate information and providing instant alerts. Automatic distance recognition technology is used to maintain a safe distance between the car and the object in front, thus reducing the risk of any accidents. It will safeguard citizens and ensure the smooth functioning of the traffic control system.

Smart parking system

Finding a vacant parking spot in cities is almost next to impossible these days. Even in shopping malls and markets, parking basement is filled with cars in inadequate places, which in turn makes it more difficult to keep track of the vacant parking spots.

AI Video Analytics can help in predicting vacant parking spots by detecting the parking lines and counting the number of vehicles in the parking area. It can also be used to find parking spots for major events such as concerts and public shows or games. AI can help identify the most likely congested areas and recommends the best parking spots. It can help drivers avoid traffic jams and save time.

Law enforcement in traffic using AI

Law enforcement agencies can use E-challan technology to compensate vehicles that are overspeeding, rash driving, or causing wreckage to public properties. This technology makes use of CCTV cameras to capture snapshots & videos of the suspects.

Video analytics also differentiate between people with and without helmets. Law enforcement officers can leverage this technology to catch traffic menace and over speeders. It can also be used to control transportation systems in cities and national highways.

Benefits of AI in Traffic control system

AI can enable traffic lights to turn green whenever the ongoing traffic on the simultaneous side is almost negligible so that drivers don't need to wait for several minutes until the timers go off and they can move ahead. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, traffic lights function according to the current traffic conditions and reduce the waiting time for drivers.

Below given are some of the benefits of AI in Traffic Control systems:

How can Smart Cities adapt to AI-enabled Traffic Management?

Smart Cities are cities that adopt new technologies to make daily operations much smoother and faster. It makes use of these technologies to provide high-tech services and benefits to its citizens. Many Western and European cities are building advanced technologies that also accumulate the power of AI.

United Arab Emirates is built on the concept of modern technology such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision, to provide the citizens with better solutions. Public Transportation, Traffic control & monitoring, and waste management are some of the few features carried out by smart cities. Let’s have a look at some of the state-of-the-art technologies that smart cities use today.

Adaptive traffic control system

As discussed above, adaptive traffic light systems that adapt to the current traffic conditions can make traffic management better. These type of traffic control systems use artificial intelligence to optimize the flow of vehicles through urban and rural areas and reduces waiting time up to half the original time. 

Smart traffic management systems can be a key component in growing smart cities and have the potential to increase the overall economy of cities.

Automated vehicles

Automated vehicles are becoming common these days, while they are often thought of as self-driving vehicles, they are much more than that. Other types of automated vehicles include:

Advantages of automated vehicles over traditional vehicles:

Safety and Emergency Situations

Emergencies can arise at any time and can be concerning for the general public. In such times, government agencies need to act as quickly as they can and ensure a safe environment for all citizens. An Integrated Traffic Management System can be implemented by such agencies to enable a safer environment for the general public.

These systems can automatically control the signal lights and help motorists to avoid any disasters and diversions. This system can work with the government to provide a quick passage to emergency vehicles such as ambulances and firefighters. It can also help with roadside congestion and notifies drivers of bad road conditions.

Intelligent parking system

Many countries are leveraging intelligent parking systems in their streets to save time and money for citizens. These systems make use of Video Analytics to find vacant parking spots in the alley or near the highway and then notify via an app or indicator. It can also help disabled people find vacant spots in any urban area. It can also help to find vacant spots in congested areas where traffic flow is often overwhelming.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems can reduce traveling time and congestion due to traffic. It increases the effectiveness of buses, trains, and ferries. AI can help in smart decision-making of which type of transportation is best for a certain area and to search for the most efficient route in that network.

Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize the routing of buses and trains so that they follow an error-free and efficient route. It can also help in scheduling the transit systems of the citizens that are using the transportation network.

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