How to keep Schools safe from intruders using Video Analytics [2022]

Daten & Wissen / March 8, 2022

Schools are considered a safe haven for our children where they learn, socialize, grow, and nurture along with their companions and classmates. Parents trust schools to keep their kids safe while they learn and enhance their lives through education. If only there was a way to keep their haven a safe place because at times the school campus turns into a terrifying place.

In 1999, the US witnessed its first school gun-down at the Columbine High School, which later happened to open the floodgates to various other tragic school shootings that happened over years. Preventative measures and protocols are since then taken into consideration as vital components in a school safety plan.

Therefore,  the introduction of Video Analytics is important to protect the school from outside intruders as it is the most effective method which can provide real-time video feeds to the higher authorities. Additionally, Webcams should be set up all across the premises and monitored 24/7. If anyone trespasser enters the premises, monitoring personnel will get real-time footage on the dashboard & then they can ask for the trespasser's identity and direct them to the office.

Now, let’s know how to keep schools safe from intruders using AI

Top 3 ways Video Analytics keeps schools safe from Intruders

Video surveillance alone is not enough to provide the necessary safety & security to the students. For several years, schools have made use of video surveillance systems to monitor activities on their premises. But technological advancements and the increasing crime rate have made it necessary to incorporate Video Analytics solutions into the school security system.

Video Analytics for Educational Institutions can help extract, classify and recognize objects and behaviors in video surveillance footage and provide real-time data on the dashboard.

The several ways in which Video Analytics helps increase safety with school security cameras are as follows:

1. Search and review

One of the most popular features of video analytics is “Search and review”. With the increasing number of cameras, manually searching through every footage generated daily for a specific incident can be hectic.

Video Analytics helps operators search through footage using common attributes and functions, and sends real-time alerts on the dashboard. The software searches and reviews footage in real-time using multiple filters based on object class and attributes such as clothes or vehicle type and color, the direction of movement of people, and even their age.

2. Face recognition

Face recognition systems can analyze the monitoring area and watch out for any unknown person in that vicinity. We can integrate AI on the school campus to find anyone suspicious, if it finds a suspicious person then it immediately alerts authorities and real-time data is shown on the dashboard. In situations where a person’s face may not be clear, the system can also use an “appearance similarity” feature that is equivalent to face recognition.

3. License plate recognition

The license plate recognition system ensures that only vehicles with permission to enter the school premises are entering the premises. The system monitors vehicles that enter the campus and check their license plates with the following list that’s inserted into the system.

Operators will get real-time alerts on the dashboard of any unidentified vehicles arriving inside the premises. Intelligent Video Analytics uses smart detection technology to detect number plates that are even partially captured by the cameras.

Benefits of Video Analytics for School Security

Video Analytics plays a vital role to improve security and situational awareness in any educational institute. It helps schools proactively respond to emergencies by sending real-time alerts on Dashboard when actions need to be taken.

Some of the benefits of Video Analytics for school security would include the following things given below:

People Counting

To monitor the number of students and staff entering and exiting school buildings. The solution discovers peak times for traffic of students and educators and gains insight into traffic flow and patterns for its automation process. The most prominent feature of Video Analytics for school safety is that it gives real-time alerts on the dashboard of unknown people.

Loitering Detection

If any person or student is found trespassing after school hours, it is monitored using Video Analytics, also custom alerts will be sent on the dashboard. It can detect them in various places like parking lots, playgrounds, or even football fields. It can also differentiate between school students and outside kids.

Intrusion Detection

The advanced system keeps a close eye on vulnerable areas by setting parameters and tracking when someone or something enters the campus after school hours. It has Infrared and Night-vision Cameras and can detect intruders even in low light or dark environments. If it finds an intruder, the solution alerts the authorities and sends real-time notifications on the dashboard.

Camera Tampering

Authorities receive notifications on the dashboard if anyone blocks, covers, or moves the camera and responds in real-time. 

Only two things are required to make schools safer. First would be an automated system that alerts the authorities if any issue is detected, and secondly, an efficient system for reviewing real-time video footage for automation purposes and showing alerts on the dashboard.

Video analytics helps to meet both as it not only provides campus safety and security to educational institutions but also saves a lot of money in the long run.

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Let’s Wrap it Up

Video Analytics keeps schools safe from intruders and provides maximum security. Schools can easily integrate this solution directly with the existing CCTV cameras without extra effort. If you want that your school should also have such a highly sophisticated system then you are at the right place. 

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