AI for Oil and Gas industries - 3 ways Video Analytics ensures safety & security

Daten & Wissen / March 30, 2022

The most valuable commodity that is found all around the world is Oil, Gas & Energy. Without these three, a country would still be living in the middle ages. The demand is ever-increasing and the supply is gradually depleting because of the minuscule availability of resources.

Due to this, the price of Oil & Gas is skyrocketing resulting in increased revenue for the Oil and Gas industries. As the revenue exponentially increases, there are certain risks related to safety and security within the organization. The rate of Physical & cyberattack cases has severely increased year on.

To solve these problems, Artificial Intelligence techniques can be used to keep the hackers and intruders at the bay. Video Analytics is a brainchild of AI and Machine learning, which uses modern technology such as Computer Vision to analyze, collect data, and object-tracking for monitoring purposes and uses algorithms to detect any unwanted event and notify the authorities in an organization.

Video Analytics in the Oil & Gas for Safety & Security

Oil & Gas industries are integrating advanced AI technologies such as Video Analytics into their system to enhance the safety and security of the organization. Video Surveillance Technology uses existing CCTV cameras as sensors to monitor the entire facility 24/7 and detect any form of security threats and breaches.

The Video Analytics software has access across all the cameras in the facility, these cameras take regular video input of people and vehicles throughout the year. The technology is used to detect any safety violations such as workers not wearing safety gear, Machines working inefficiently, Truck accidents, etc.

Moving forward software notifies the monitoring room and higher authorities of real-time violations. If the software detects any intruders or invading vehicles in the facility area, then it would notify security managers and other high authorities immediately.

To help avoid safety violations and security threats, AI has introduced this special technology that is Video Analytics. It not only increases the safety & security of the organization but also increases the accuracy and efficiency of the organization. Another perk of Video Analytics is that it helps save tonnes of money each year for an organization.

3 Ways AI Is Disrupting the Oil and Gas Industry

Infrared, thermal, and night-vision camera 

Installing Thermal, infrared, and night-vision cameras in Oil & Gas industries can increase the efficiency in the daily working of machines and other assets in an organization. This way you can monitor the facility in different formats which can be used to detect any kind of breach, vandalism, or threat within an organization.

After detecting the threats, the solution will notify the administrators in the organization and real-time footage will be shown on the dashboard.

Monitoring Machine efficiency

Machinery failures are very common in the Oil and Gas industry. Organizations are now adopting modern technologies such as Video Analytics to identify potential equipment and process failures within a facility. Video Analytics also keeps track of the status of conditions and functioning of all the machinery inside an organization.

Pipelines monitoring using cameras

Pipelines that run across the facility cannot be managed efficiently, which leads to multiple leaks in certain areas. The reality is that there is no simple way humans can effectively cover every territory.

Video Analytics steps in and changes the entire game, it constantly monitors the entire region and searches for any leaks and hitches happening across the pipelines. If any leaks take place then the monitoring authorities are instantaneously notified about it.

How to use Video Analytics for workplace safety?

To incorporate Video Analytics into your organization to prevent any unwanted threats to life and property, you first need to hire a company that specialized in AI solutions and let them deploy the AI algorithms into your existing system.

Once you entrust a company with expertise in creating customized AI solutions, you can stay rest assured that they will develop the project and deploy it directly to your system.

What are the steps involved in the application of Video Analytics?

Step 1:

Connect Your Existing Cameras Or Install modified Cameras into your organization.

Step 2

 Select the Safety & Security violations you want to get detected.

Step 3:

Connect your system with the AI application to get real-time message alerts on the dashboard.

Video analytics can be used to monitor, measure, and improve the processes of various companies in the oil and gas industry. It can also be used to detect and stop unauthorized actions and improve security by monitoring people and their actions.

In the oil and gas industry, there is an increasing need for it. It is a large industry, and the number of employees is also increasing. As a result, there is a need to track the employees and monitor their activities. This can be done with the help of video analytics.

The Oil and Gas industry is also leveraging other technologies that come under the wing of AI and Machine Learning. Some of the applications that are currently being used in the Oil & Gas industries are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Intelligent robots, Virtual assistants, and so on.

These features of modern AI will ensure a better future for the Oil and Gas industries. Additionally, it will also help in optimizing the work environment and getting one step ahead of the competition.

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Let's Wrap It Up

Video Analytics is a super-efficient way to help ensure safety and security in any Oil and Gas industry. It will help organizations save a lot of money while still maintaining the flow of revenue. AI is transforming many businesses and has the potential to tap into the Oil and Energy sector. All you need is a team of professionals who would deploy modern AI solutions into your existing system.

At Daten & Wissen, we have a team of experts in creating customized AI solutions. Over the years we have transformed many industries with the help of our AI solutions. We ensure you that your data is safe & secured while creating the AI solution.


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